To make a long story short, on the hip hop side the music business is a giant slave ship with the bodies of the artists chained to the bottom of it. I dream that the righteous artists trapped inside awaken out of their slumber and burn baby burn🔥🔥🔥.
The music business is soaked in the blood of my ancestors. Perhaps it is best to give my music away for free.

Well for now that’s where It at with it. Liberation soon come. To all of the execs out there assisting in the abuse of the gifted l, shame on you…

Good luck out there, in the end all you will have is your money. As us Jamaicans say… Mek deh fiyah 🔥bun dem.

But anyway I wanted to start a non profit foundation, but it gets all tricky with music rights and all of that. The Foundation was going to be called The Shaka The King Foundation.

It would have been a non profit organization that specializes in social awareness through the creative arts. Money raised via music sales, donations & various events, would have been utilized to aid groups & individual causes that support the ideals of freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all life forms. Sounds good right sounded good to me too but there’s too many “foundation” rules to follow to be able to give back so instead I’ll do it through a donation button. For those whose aim to give is because of the incentive of having a tax write off by donating to a 501c3. Sorry maybe in the future. For now it’s just a donate button and a good feeling you’ll get. For those I’ve scared off sorry my delivery is raw and so is my music.

Back to my foundation aims: Through the arts, we will shine a light on individuals/ organizations operating in a way that RESTRICTS our ideals. Through the arts, we will shine an even brighter light on individuals/organizations that are living in a way that SUPPORTS our ideals. Like I said: To avoid the legal red tape I am just going to have a donate button here and if you believe in my content, and what I am all about, please click the link to support. The money will go towards the fees associated with producing thought provoking content. The rest of the money will go towards charity/community and whatever else is needed to keep this community growing, and reaching as many people as possible. Your donation is truly appreciated.

For those that would like to volunteer their talents, expertise, and/or resources please don’t hesitate to contact or DM @skinnybuddhashaka on Instagram. Donate to support the ideals of freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all!

Donate to support the ideals of freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all!

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